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Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy - It’s More Than Just Martial Arts

Welcome to Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy, your friendly martial arts institute dedicated to seeing you succeed! You'll quickly discover that we offer the best martial arts curriculum in the area, and our staff of enthusiastic, professional instructors is unrivaled. We offer classes that are fun for the whole family and cater to adults and children of all experience levels. Even if you’ve never taken a single martial arts class before, we have something for YOU!

We Have All the Knowledge You Need to Learn Professional Martial Arts, as Well as Life Skills

Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy supplies you with some of the best curriculum in the nation! Men, women and children of all ages are welcome to experience our fast-paced, fun martial arts classes, regardless of experience level. We are proud to offer you a dedicated and experienced staff that is completely focused on ensuring all of our students get the time and attention they need to learn all of the one-of-a-kind skills we have to offer!

You’ll Get a Total Mind and Body Workout at Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy:

  1. Pre-class stretches and conditioning sequences that will prepare your body
  2. Whole-body exercises that will hit every major muscle group
  3. Lessons that incorporate useful self-defense tactics
  4. Classes that boost self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-awareness
  5. Engaging routines that are fun and exciting

Let Us Help You Become the Best Possible Version of Yourself!

We believe that martial arts are more than just…martial arts. Here at Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy, we’ll teach you to strengthen your body, mind, and soul. Martial arts is not just a sport, it’s a valuable tool that improves discipline, morals, and sense of well-being. Our classes incorporate ALL elements of martial arts, and are easy to fit into your schedule. We also offer special workshops, seminars and other special classes, as well as a chance to get involved with local competitions and special events.

Our Instructors Will Always Help You and Encourage You to Ask Questions!

Our dedicated staff is always here to help you! All of our teachers at Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy want to make sure you always have fun and that you excel in each class. We encourage questions and will do our very best to work with you on any problem areas. All of our instructors have extensive training and are qualified to teach all aspects of our martial arts programs, as well as important personal values that you and your children will be able to implement in your daily lives.

We often hear our students tell us, even after only a few classes, that they’ve noticed a big difference in their confidence in everyday life, boost in self-esteem, and improved grades and attitude. We couldn’t be prouder to watch our students grow and take on optimistic life outlooks, as they succeed from our comprehensive martial arts programs.

What Are You Waiting For? Get the Most Out of Your Life and Join Us Today!

If you’re not completely convinced that Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy might just change your whole life, then pick up your phone and call us RIGHT NOW to start your FREE Trial Program with us, at 912-354-5961. We’ll help you shed those extra pounds, get a phenomenal workout, work you towards a Black Belt, train for a martial arts competition, and instill life values in your little ones, whatever your goals may be. We are confident that we are the only school for you, and we’re confident that you’ll love us.

So what are you waiting for? With all of our amazing success stories, don’t you want to be next? We couldn’t be happier to help you! Call us today at 912-354-5961 and start your trial class! You’ll be so happy you tried us, and we are sure you won’t wait to come back for more!

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Savannah ATA Black Belt Martial Arts Academy 7601 Waters Ave. Savannah, Georgia 31406 / Phone: 912-354-5961
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